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The war in Ukraine is a complex topic that touches on many different areas. There are many long articles, videos, testimonials and of course stories full of suffering and misinformation on the subject. The purpose of the guide is to explain the conflict for a basic overview. The war in Ukraine is largely about a man who is often nicknamed Putler, Little Putin or the Russian Voldemort. This short guide talks about the military, economy, faith, excuses or misinformation.

War in Ukraine on three standard pages

  1. Rich reserves of oil and gas have been found in Ukraine, especially around Crimea. If Ukraine started extracting them effectively and selling them to Europe, Russia's economy would weaken and there would be even less interest in Russian products. The pretext is the protection of the Russian population against fascists and various, often invented demons. The president of Ukraine is a Jew, and the most fascists are in Russia.

  2. Russia's goal is to seize territory and alienate the rest of Ukraine from Europe, Ukraine's goal is to protect its country, regain Crimea and join NATO, which would protect it from the aggressor.

  3. A few days before the start of the attack, 150,000 Russian soldiers, including blood supplies, were moving near the border. They claimed it was an exercise. Putin believed that the Ukrainians would welcome his tanks with open arms.

  4. Russian soldiers are usually poorly trained, poorly supplied, and short on weapons and ammunition. Due to problems in logistics, Russian machines are often without fuel and without air and infantry support. Ukraine is much weaker on paper, but has higher morale, defender advantages and receives western machinery. Western countries are training Ukrainian volunteers. Ukraine also acquired Russian equipment, left behind due to Russian logistical problems.

  5. Among the most common targets of Russian attacks are critical infrastructure and apartment buildings. Among other things, they bombed kindergartens, hospitals and theaters. Much of the fighting is taking place in the eastern Ukraine. Putin has murdered more Russian-speaking than Ukrainian-speaking civilians, including family members of his own soldiers. In practice, protecting the Russian-speaking population means heavy shelling of Russian-speaking cities such as Kharkiv, Odessa, Mariupol, and Bakhmut.

  1. Sanctions against Russia make it impossible to repair and modernize military equipment. Putin is left with older weapons: lower range, weaker armor, significantly higher loss of life. The rate of fire is approximately one-third that of modern tanks. Russia cannot get weapons from the west, so it buys suicide drones, built to mass kill civilians, from Iran. The Russians also use cluster munitions, which are banned worldwide as inhumane. Cluster munitions can kill even years after a conflict has ended. Threats to use nuclear weapons are regular. It is not clear how many there are, and how many of them actually work.

  2. Ukraine receives more modern tanks, infantry vehicles and howitzers. Country is mainly asking for decommissioned aircraft (Soviet MIG-29) and modern anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems.

  3. Economically, the war is a disaster for Ukraine, Russia and the countries that bought grain. The economic strength of Russia and ordinary Russian families has been declining for 10 years, while pensions are approximately 1/3 (after conversion from Rubles to Euros) of ten years ago. Russian currency is not even traded in practice. Russia had similar economic strength to Spain, 34x smaller country.

  4. Russia is losing mainly young men who are leaving their families or have not yet started their own. Even before the war, the main problem was the lack of population of productive age. Russians have a low life expectancy and in the long run more women than men. The disparity is further increased by wars, mass emigration, low immigration (almost no one wants to live and work in Russia) and alcohol. There is an international arrest warrant for Putin and his associates for stealing children. Russians steal Ukrainian children en masse and try to break and brainwash them. It is one of the possibilities to partially correct the Russian demographic curve. Many specialists, doctors and artists escaped from Russia (as from Hitler's Germany).

  5. Due to the departure of foreign companies, unemployment and food prices have increased. Lack of technology causes problems in industry and agriculture. Russia is getting rich from the sale of gas and oil, which is of less interest due to alternatives and a greener economy. Currently, Russia sells its products to other markets, significantly below cost. Just a few years ago, 80% of gas and oil came from Russia via Ukraine.

  6. Putin refers to Slovakia and Poland as enemy countries. Spreading misinformation is cheaper than fixing economic problems. Putin's popularity is 2% in Poland, 25-40% in Slovakia. It bothers Putin that aid for Ukraine travels through Slovakia. The aim of the propaganda is to weaken the position of NATO. They mainly serve the so-called Peace marches. At the same time, Russia does not want peace, but a complete victory, which is necessary for Russia's stability (looking for an external enemy to cover internal problems).

  7. Telling the truth about the war in Ukraine is a crime in Russia, even over a private phone. State televisions are spreading open lies, while the war in Ukraine must be called a special military operation. In the Russian media, the Russian army is comparable only to the US, but in practice it has caused a massive outflow of people who do not want to be mobilized. No one wants to accept such a huge number of men.

  8. Putin's opposition are the mothers of dead and maimed soldiers, or still living political prisoners. Some Russians are fighting on the side of Ukraine against Putin and terrorists (Kadyrov, Prigozhin...)

  9. Only 4 countries (out of about 200) did not condemn the attack on Ukraine, all poor dictatorships.

  10. Attacks against Ukraine are supported by the Russian Church. Whoever kills a Ukrainian (woman, child, old man or Russian living in Ukraine) will go to heaven. The massacre of Ukrainian Christians united the Russian Orthodox Church and radical Chechen Muslims.

  11. The war in Ukraine (and in Syria) has resulted in a migration crisis. Putin won't let migrants into Russia, where they don't even want to go, so he's a hero for populist politicians in Central Europe like Fico, Blaha and Orbán.

S. Hoferek – War in Ukraine 5/5 Greenie knižnica, greenie.elist.sk